50 Creative Ways Musicians Can Make Money From Their Music

50 Creative Ways Musicians Can Make Money From Their Music

50 Creative Ways Musicians can make Money from their Music

Music is like literature. It can be life-changing, enlightening and pleasing.

A good song can affect one’s reasoning. For the artists, it is a profession to be treated with respect and appreciated when need be.

However, we all know the hustles one has to undergo to come up with quality music, and this can only be sweetened by a motivation which is cash.

Here is  a list of the alternative ways you can make money through your music even while sleeping.

1.Attend conferences to speak music – in the recent past, music-themed conferences are taking place in every corner of the world. Why can’t you get listed on such conferences to speak about what you love and of course earn a speaking fee?

2.Endorsement deals – Kendrick Lamar, one of my favorite rappers once said that you first build yourself and let them come looking for you.

With a good name in the industry, you stand a chance to land many endorsement deals which means more money.

3.Become an affiliate of other musician’s books – if you’re a serious artist, you probably own a website, or you’re planning to have one in the future.

Why don’t you let your music website earn you money by referring your traffic to other musician’s guidebooks?

4.Sell recordings of your live performances – there is always a section of fans cursing themselves for missing your colorful performances. Why don’t you make them feel like they were there by recording the event and giving it to them at a cost?

5.License your music samples – with good music, you will always have other musicians calling you with deals to use a sample of your music.

Such deals are good and can earn you an income so never turn them down.

6.Join sweepstakes for musicians – now and then, there is always a sweepstake for artists. With a passion for the art, you stand a chance to win incredible rewards which can boost to your career.

7.Utilize the power of YouTube – when used in the right manner, YouTube can earn you a name in the game. All you need is a YouTube channel and a link in the description to where the fans can purchase your music.

This trick earns money for you even while you’re sleeping.

8.Become a company spokesperson – many music companies are looking for a spokesperson to present them.

With a passion for the music, you stand a chance for such appointments as you will be testifying about services and products that you love.

9.Produce for other musicians – with many years in the industry, you probably have acquired a tip or two on how to make quality music. You can use the tips to help other artists produce their music at a price.

10.Try video contests – you can try video contests with your music. Most music videos win such contests hence it’s a shot not worth missing.

11.Become an impersonator – have you ever been told that you look like Michael Jackson or your voice resembles that of a legendary artist.

Why don’t you make some money out of the opportunity?

12.Sell your CDs to the locals – today, most artists have neglected the local stores as a distribution channel. Don’t be among the majority, always connect with the local stores to sell your CDs since they can earn you a good fortune.

13.Create music for video games – with the rising number of video games there will always be an opportunity for artists to supply good music to accompany the games.

14.Substitute as a music teacher – there is no good feeling than doing what you love most. Therefore, why can’t you seek an opportunity to work as a substitute teacher in the field that you love?

15.Try busking – although street artists are deemed as homeless and looking to make a dollar or two for dinner, this can also be an opportunity to sell your talent. With a perfect place and effort, there will always be a passerby willing to appreciate your work.

16.Teach music online – you probably have a skill or two related to the music. You can use the power of the internet to share your top-notch skills to the world while earning.

17.Perform in hotels – yes, frequenters in hotels always enjoy some good music so you should take time to rethink about this opportunity. It pays.

18.Sell your sound files – composers all over the world are in dire need of individuals with skills in various instruments. Therefore, there is an opportunity for you. Why can’t you record your sound files and make them readily available for purchase?

19.Create music for theatricals – if, given the long shot, this opportunity pays. Often, theatricals are looking for musicians to deliver music for their plays, and you can be one of them.

20.Become an affiliate for music companies – using your name in the industry, you can convince your fans to buy music from the company you affiliate and earn a commission from every purchase.

21.Sell your music as a ringtone – your loyal fans will always want your music placed as their ringtone. Why can’t you make this possible by producing the ringtones and making them readily available to purchase?

22.Sell merchandise – you probably have a big event or single on the way. Why don’t you earn from the two by customizing and selling t-shirts, posters and caps to your fans? They will buy.

23.Design your website and sell your music – today, with platforms such as WordPress, it is easy to design a website even with zero-tech knowledge. Therefore, you should utilize the opportunity and come up with a website to promote yourself as well as sell your music.

24.Manage an artist – you’ve been in the industry long enough hence well placed to make mindful decisions. Why don’t you utilize this knowledge to manage other musicians and get paid?

25.Sell your music in vinyl – if you have no idea, vinyl is making a comeback. Why don’t you be among the first musicians to taste its money?

26.Fill in for a band member – often, bands are faced by the challenge of missing one or two band members because of sickness for example. You can earn a dollar or two for filling in for the absent member as long as you’re good in the instrument or voice and a quick learner.

27.Demand performance royalties – in case your song gets performed or broadcast in public, you should demand a performance royalty.

28.Join the film industry – recently, movies are looking for real musician casts and you could be one of them. All you need to do is audition and you could be their next cast. A TV Series such as Empire is paying good money.

29.Produce music for commercials – if you haven’t produced for commercials then you’re missing much. With new products being launched every now and then, there is an endless opportunity in the advertising industry.

30.Perform at home – yes, an event in the living room is an option too and it pays the bills. Have a simple event at home and sell the tickets and you will be surprised how this will turn out.

31.Lead worship at a church – many churches are paying dearly to the worship leaders and thus it should be an opportunity that you can’t risk losing.

32.Perform at weddings – yes, weddings are also a way to add a plus to your wallet. Therefore, the next time a fan calls you to perform at his or her wedding, don’t turn the offer down.

33.Become an audio master – many artists out there are looking for individuals to master their audio tracks. Therefore, if your schedule isn’t tight, you can earn some money by offering the service.

34.Turn your studio into a classroom – your studio can also earn you some good money. You can use it to teach others about music production. Also, you can rent it out to other teachers who are willing to pay more than you know.

35.Register for songwriting contests – often, there are songwriting contests in place and it is a high time you considered them because they are paying. With the experience, you are well placed to scoop the incredible awards they offer.

36.Sell beat CDs – more often than not, musicians find themselves keeping CDs of their unused beats. Don’t be like them, instead sell your unused beat CDs and make some money out of them.

37.Become a studio musician – busy studios are often looking for stand-in musicians and with a passion you can earn a fortune by becoming their regular stand-in session musician.

38.Create and sell instruction guides – there is no good feeling than sharing what you know with the world and getting paid. For music, you can earn a fortune by writing a guide of maybe an instrument you’re familiar with and sharing it to the world.

39.Record and sell lessons online – the good thing about the internet is that it has turned the world into a village. Why can’t you utilize this advancement and sell your lessons to the world?

40.Try jingles – writing of jingles is a gift that only a few shine. Therefore, if you’re among the few who are lyrically blessed, why can’t you start writing and producing jingles for money?

41.Make background music – if you’re a good producer, and haven’t tried making background music for an event or video, you’re probably underusing your specialty. Producing background music is paying and clubs, online video producers, and event organizers are willing to pay a fortune to acquire a unique background music.

42.Direct sync licensing – the film industry is slowly adopting the music culture and you shouldn’t be left behind. We all saw how much Wiz Khalifa and rapper Charlie Puth pocketed from the Furious 7 soundtrack. Why can’t you make those connections with the film producers, and who knows, you might be a big deal.

43.Earn print royalties – did you know that you are entitled to sale royalties in case a company decides to manufacture t-shirts with your lyrics on them? Probably you didn’t and it’s a high time you began a run for that money

44.Sell sheet music – yes, you can earn a good income by making and selling sheet music on every online platform that you’re registered.

45.A music festival – pulling a music concert is quite difficult for many artists owing to the budget. However, you can earn from the festivals by being featured without having to undergo the many hustles.

46.Provide educational concerts – you can bring together your passion in the music and ability to teach and earn some money as well.

47.Make your music availble online – with iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby among many other online platforms, you can make good money by ensuring that you register with as many as you can.

48.Get paid to review instruments – if you have a huge fan base, you can use the opportunity to earn a revenue by reviewing various musical instruments.

49.Cover songs – cover songs can also earn you good money as long as you give them your best shot and acquire the mechanical license to avoid legal charges.

50.Create a premium fan club – you can also create a premium fan club where your fans can subscribe and access your materials free of charge. However, it’s your duty to ensure that their subscription fee is worth by delivering more than enough.