How to Make Beats and Music Today

How to Make Beats and Music Today

check out the online beat maker called –AUDIOTOOL ONLINE BEATMAKER

How to Make Beats
The article today is mainly for the beginner or anyone just starting out or the aspiring Dance and Hiphop and Producers around the world looking for ways on how to make their own beats.
This can also relate to any other genre of music .

Years ago the term making a beat would have involved learning and physcally playing live drums but today what most people mean is to create their own intrumentals,with the drum groove being the main focus to start with then adding layers of instruments like bass and lead lines and other riffs and melodies.

clyde stubblefield photoPhoto by mtphrames

Now below we have a number of video examples from various sources which i feel should demonstrate how this can be done with a variety of different styles.
In this first example we have two of the most successful producers out there at the moment which was filmed a few a good while ago.

Just for some inspiration here we see Bryan-Michael Cox – Making hits with iMASCHINE and MASCHINE STUDIO showing just how easy it it can be to create your own productions from idea to finish

In the next eample below the same principles apply as before but by only using an Ipad and a music production app called IMaschine for a fraction of the cost of a fully equipt recording studio but
still making a beat from scratch within minutes ,which means with a little practice today -anyone can do this.

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Our featured image today is based on the free online resource virtual beatmaker and sequencer which can be used by anyone to play and experiment to get the feel of creating your music without any hardware.Here we also have a video introduction where our presenter talks about the features and benefits of using it.

AUDIOTOOL ONLINE BEATMAKER which includes a variety of instruments and ways to get a feel of whats possible.

for more information on how to make your own music and beats check out my previous post on how to set up your own recording studio on a budget.

Now if you already own a laptop or desktop computer your already half way there if your looking to set up a basic beat making studio ,all you need is the relevant music software to get started.
But for now check out the examples online.

online virtual Drum machine
html5 Drum machine

Here we have an example to a very simple virtual drum machine which you can use to practice making some drum grooves using the various versions of the legendary Roland 808 machine click on the image above to access the Drum machine ,experiment and enjoy!