How to Promote Your Own Music Online Today

How to Promote your own music online today

Becoming an independent musician,Producer or label owner comes with many challenges,the most common being difficulty in promoting your own music.
While this may seem like a daunting path to take, the internet has opened up many possibilities for your music promotion. In this case, the key to success in today’s music industry is trying out different methods available to you and letting your creativity run wild.
Whether you are an upcoming independent musician, producer or label owner these DIY music promotion methods will always come in handy:


Here is Justin Colletti from Sonic Scoop on the merits of promoting and distributing your own music.

· Take advantage of social media

Everyone is using social media these days. With a handful of platforms to choose from, you could get the largest audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can always use these platforms to their full potential for your online music promotions. Remember, social media is a free catalyst for conversation and word-of-mouth marketing. Thus, your funny, interesting and conversational posts can quickly gain  attention. Tell a story about your studio experiences or post a short teaser video for your new song – give it a try.

In this video clip below , Daniel Grimmett shows you how to build your music fanbase online by creating more interesting content and having a campaign strategy…

Create your own personal music website or blog

The best music website should be ever-adapting to change and reflect all of the new changes in your music career. The goal is to make your fans stop by your website as often as possible. This way, they will easily learn about your albums and inspirations behind certain songs. However, do not exaggerate or include unnecessary updates. Keeping things simple and honest is the best way on how to promote your music online.

· Reach out to a variety of music blogs

In this video below we take a look at some of the most important ways in which you can promote and market your music online

Your DIY music promotion is not all about your existing fans. You should also be able to reach out to new audiences and make them fans. Through music blogs, you will find it easy to keep things fresh, exciting and attract a niche following. As such, when your music is run on a music blog, you can be guaranteed that it will be seen by thousands of people who enjoy the genre. Therefore, it is important to carry out proper research to find blogs that cover your specific type of music.

· Promote using email

Email can be and still is an invaluable tool that can help to promote your music. It could be the perfect way to market your music to your current fan base. After all, if they signed up to your email list then they obviously want to hear from you! Incorporate links into your emails to direct fans to your website or blog. You can also use email to let fans know about your upcoming tour and remind them that you have new content.

When you use the right DIY music promotion methods, it could even to turn your music into a full-time career. With these platforms, it will be easy to reach out to an array of audiences,

For this reason, it becomes quite essential to come up with some creative ways on how to promote your music if you want to have an edge against other artists.

So in addition to what we have discussed here – this is a quick summary and list on ways of how to promote your own music today.

1. Set up a Youtube Channel

Youtube is an online platform that allows artists to share their content with the rest of the world for free. If you get enough followers, you could gain popularity quite fast.

2. Share Instantly on Instagram

Instagram happens to be one of the most engaging online platforms available. The most important thing here is to have a massive crowd following you.

3. Tweet Away

Music promotion on Twitter can be done through video uploads. However, you can still share the content on YouTube and hope that it will garner several shares and views.

4. Try Blogging

Blogs are an easy way to do this. You can even pay other bloggers to talk about your music to make it trend even more.

5. Use the Traditional Online Radio

The most effective way to boost your music is through the radio. Just find a station that your target audience is fond of then speak to the station manager or show the producer to see if they can accommodate your music as well.

6. Snap your chat

Snapchat enables you to tell your story using shot clips. Upload video teasers and share. Also, you can take advantage of the filters to custom make your story.

7. Facebook

This is one of the oldest social media platforms. Many people have an account here, thus; sharing your content would be perfect.

8. Create a Website

Making your website shows that you have a profound level of professionalism that most people appreciate. Even more, you can post all your content on your site without any restrictions. Details of all your concerts and tours can be posted there as well.

9. Send Emails

You can select emails of your fans and share your content with them. Post an alert on other social media areas on the same to avoid being listed as spam.

10. Applications

You can create your application and let your fans know about it. This will allow you to distribute even videos on behind the scenes to show how you came to the end product, step by step.

11. Sound Cloud

The cloud is one place that can easily accommodate music. Your profile is enough to have you up and running.

12. Reverbnation is also Effective

This platform allows you to get chances to music internships, get signed up by better record labels, and better yet, gain a great crowd of fans.

13. Make an Electronic Press Kit

An EPK allows you to share music with both relevant media and your fans instantly.

14. Promote your Music

Using this forum requires you to pay to advertise your content online. This can be done on all social media pages.

15. Bandcamp

Here, fans and singers get to interact interestingly. You share your music and if your fans like what they hear, they purchase the music from you. Most importantly, you keep all the profit from all the sales.

16. Use Number One Music

This is a controlled music site. The page allows you to use the site for free for a certain period. If your rating goes up, you get to stay. Linking other social media platforms to this site will help increase your rank.

17. Jango Artist’s Account

Linking your music to that of other international songwriters and singers who create content of the same genre as yourself will bring some attention your way.

18. DIY Videos

Believe it or not, giving advice on how to do a few music related items will have people coming to you not only for more information but also to listen to what you have produced.

19. Hype your Content using Hypemachine

Hypemachine will open up more options like iTunes, Spotify, Mondotunes, Pandora, and many other sites of this kind.

20. Collaborate

Work with popular singers and have them share the music on their social media platforms. Suggestions of your music will pop, thus making it easy for you to be discovered.


Ensure that your online presence is recognizable. Be everywhere and have a business geared mind for you to succeed.