Make Your Own Music – Ipad Recording Studio Setup

One of the alternative ways in which musicians are now using to create and produce their own music and beats today is on an ipad which seems to be getting lot more popular these days now due to the increased speed and power of the processors that they possess.

Lets take a look at some of the ways on how to make and record your own music from home and on the move.

The technology today makes this fairly easy now to produce and make your own beats,intrumentals and songs all within a small budget compared to a few years ago where the equipment needed to achieve this could fill the whole room.

If your looking to make your own rap beats or compose the next big film score for example you could simply start by using one of the many groove boxes like the Akai mpc music studio, or the native instruments – imaschine music production groove box ,which have been used on many of your favorite hit records.You can also get the equivalent ios music app version for the ipad now with very good sound quality.

If you are a singer ,songwriter and musician and play guitair ,piano or other instruments you’ll be looking for ways in which to get your ideas down and eventually record a quality recording
and maybe produce your own demo or even masters to release your own records.

There are many tutorials and examples which can be found online or in books , magazines and videos which can guide you in the right direction eventually but it can be a litte confusing sometimes with all this information overload.
Some of the many questions i hear many aspiring producers ask is which DAW (Digital Audio Workstaion) music software and setup is the best to use- Cubase,Logic,Protools etc for recording and making my own music.

The solution can sometimes be a very modest an simple setup. Most DAWS today are capable of capturing and making some quality recordings with the use of just a desktop computer ,laptop and the latest music software. Now depending how much your budget is at the moment ,this can all add up as you would need to buy a fast enough computer for audio and fast memory,the music software ,studio monitors ,mixer ,microphones ,midi keyboard and any other musical insstrument of your choice.So for between a few hundred pounds to maybe a few thousand in some cases you could set a
very useful home recording studio .

Introducing Auria Pro Recording DAW for the Ipad

Now its got to the stage when you can literally make your own music with an ipad recording setup capable of making your own records ready for digital distribution,cds,or vinyl.
Here is one solution and example of an ipad recording studio setup that i think is effective and flexible.

Some of the many features and benefits of using an ipad for your music productions is that fact that its very portable ,so for example if your in a band you could record your rehearsals ,live show performances ,take it home and edit and mix the results back at home.

The software -or apps as they call it today are also relatively cheap to buy compared to the computer desktop /software DAW equivalent .
The difference in cost for these music making apps for your ipad are that you can pay an average of maybe £10 to £35 compared to between £200 to £500 and more with desktop computer based systems

So you can see that quality productions can be made using just an ipad,a simple audio interface ,a compatible midi keyboard and monitors


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