Music Maker Online

This is a brief Video tutorial on how to use the Soundation Studio a web based music production application.

Soundation is a powerful online music studio with professional features like recording, effects, virtual instruments and free loops and sounds so for anyone
looking make their own music online without any extra music hardware.

This could be a quick way to get started and experiment producing songs and instrumentals with just a desktop or laptop computer.
Now this has been around for a good few years now and has now evolved with a lot more features.

Please visit for more information.

Now another program available to experiment with making music online is

You can check out and play around with the Cube widget below for some fun musical combinations by clicking on the different sound loops squares to create your own mix.

Now if you can’t see any of the widget below this means you will have to download Google chrome or Adobe air in order for it to function.

For more Information on how you can create music online you can go to my previous blog post on How to Make Beats and Music Today with some more examples and way to create music on and offline.

online virtual Drum machine