Music Technology Today

Music Technology Today

Here is a quick roundup of some of the latest music tech news and related information past and present which is ever changing and is evolving at a great pace.

We also have a couple of examples of how far this technology has come from past to present day and what the future may hold.

Thomas Dolby talks tech, lifeboats and leaving the music business –

MusicRadar.comThomas Dolby talks tech, lifeboats and leaving the music businessMusicRadar.comIt’s well over 30 years since Thomas Dolby first charted with the quirk-heavy electro grooves of She Blinded Me with Science and Hyperactive. Although he enj …

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In this exclusive video below ,we discover the evolution of electronic music technology with a true pioneer – Jean-Michel Jarre.

Watch Jean-Michel discuss how his unique artistic journey mirrors the development of music technology, from the early machines like the seminal EMS VCS 3 up to RAZOR and MONARK.

Find out how over 40 years of synth history informed his new album – Electronica, and hear a legend share his thoughts on technology’s future.

Apple Launches ‘Music Memos’ App, Releases Major ‘GarageBand for iOS’ Update

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Exclusive: T-Pain talks about how technology and apps have changed music

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Herbie Hancock jams with his Fairlight CMI.

Here we have a clip of some music technology of the past being demonstrated by Herbie Hancock who explains that the equipment he’s using is just a tool to be used in order to
sculpt and create new sounds and music.

Herbie shows off on his Rhodes Chroma while Quincy Jones looks on. Taken from VHS recording of 1984 documentary “I love Quincy”

When you see what they were using back then,it just shows how far and how advanced the technology has come today.

Now the term Music Technology to most people today would refer to electronic music in general.
So for anyone looking for a more detailed explaination of what this means – here is a brief description of the term and a list of the related electronic music genres that it is used in today.

Music technology

Music technology is any electronic or digital technology, such as a computer, an electronic effects unit or software, that is used by a musician or composer

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List of electronic music genres

electronic music genres, consisting of genres of electronic music, primarily created with electronic musical instruments or electronic music technology. A distinction

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