Top 20 Tips for the New Music Producers

Today people around the world are creating and producing new music wherever or whenever they can, from bedrooms ,garages to fully equipped home recording studios.

When you start to produce and create your new music projects ,sometimes you may not be sure where to start in the first place due to the amount of information already available which can be a little confusing.
Hopefully you might find some of these tips helpful and inspire you to keep going and enyoy creating and producing music that you like.

1. Try to listen to different styles and genres of music even if its not what you would normally listen to, as this can give you new ideas and ways to maybe create a new sound.

2.Produce something at least once a day if possible ,even if you only have an hour or two as by the end of the week or month you will have something to show improve and work on.

3.practice ,Practice Practice -if you play any musical instrument or making beats from a groove box at all it will help in the long run.

4.When you first start recording and producing your music it may not be your best work of art to start with but in time with practice you will improve so dont throw away any work -save for another day for ideas.It will take time so dont worry.

5.Learn from your favourite artist and other successful producers who are doing what you want to do now.Remember some of this takes some hard work but rewarding when it all comes together so dont give up
keep going.

6.Read books related music magazines on mixing recording and production techniques as well as youtube for any relevant tips and inspiartion.

7.Get some feedback from you early work -dont hide it as this gives you things to work and improve on.

8.Try to enjoy what your doing -put it into perspective.

9.Do something related to what your doing each day-could be making a quick beat, simple melody line or new sound design from a couple of soft syths which will create daily progressive improvements overall.

10.Create and experiment where and whenever you want there are no hard or fast rules – thats how you create and produce your own sound.

11.If you use a computer ,laptop or Ipad -backup,backup and backup all your work!.Dropbox ,extra hard drives etc for example.keep Audio files and file names organized!

12.Once you are ready for mixing your tracks -Use an listen to a relevant professionaly mixed reference track of your choice close to what your trying to emulate -without trying to copy the same sound.

13.Invest in the best headphone monitors you can afford for tracking and mixing.

14.Invest in the best studio monitors you can afford.dont break the bank.

15.Choose a DAW you find easy to work with for yourself as they all do basically the same thing that you want it to do, i’ve used cubase,logic,protools and others -now using Auria Pro for Ipad
with a bunch of ios synths and beatmaking -same principal -same results but alot cheaper and fun. Previously i was also using 8,16 and 24 track tape in a studio with all analogue gear-same principal.

16.You dont have to spend thousands on equipment to get “that professional sound ” people are creating and releasing professional sounding music from their laptops and ipads so ther are no excuses today.

17.Dont get bogged down with too much detail at first and you’ll be creating, enjoying and producing more music at a quicker rate -you can iron out the details later ,keep that creative flow going.

18.If your producing from home by yourself –dont get distracted -turn off the TV and radio.this will create a focus on music creation and production only.

19.Mix at a lower volume and mix in mono if possible.-remember mixing is all about balance and perspective.This will help your final mixes and masters.

20.There are no age limits or barriers when it come to creating , producing and releasing music today so enjoy what your doing but try to do something productive each day no matter how big or small and you will see a progressive improvement in years to come.