Where Can I Promote My Music Today?

Where Can I Promote My Music Today?

You may be one of the world’s most talented music artistes, but how do you expect people to know about your music without promoting it? All the largest and most profitable businesses across the world reach out to existing and potential customers through a variety of promotional strategies. As a budding music artiste, promoting your music can help increase its popularity and expand your fan base as well.

Personal website or blog

Nearly all the successful music artistes across the world have their own blog or websites. With platforms like WordPress and Wix Music, creating your own website is very easy. Alternatively, you can ask a professional web developer to do the job on your behalf.
Having a personal website allows your fans to purchase music directly from you, give recommendations on areas that need improvement and remain up to date regarding what you have in store for them.
Online radio
Contrary to what some people believe, online radio is not lying on its death bed. As a matter of fact, it’s very much alive and kicking.
There has been an exponential increase in the number of people who visit and use platforms like Pandora and Last.fm, courtesy of the rapid technological revolution. If your music is available on online radio, anyone can tune in and listen to it, their geographical location notwithstanding.

Personal blog

Having a personal blog is just as important as having your own website, regardless of whether your music career is still at its infancy stage, or you have been doing it for years. Once the blog is set up, you can write about anything concerning your music career. Tell your audience why you chose to venture into music, how the journey has been and what your future plans are.
Having a blog enables both existing and potential fans to read about you and even start listening to your music.

Live performances

Performing live is an effective music strategy that singers and songwriters ought to embrace. Although your fans may have listened to your music and even watched music videos, most of them would still wish to see you in person. Give them an opportunity of seeing you by conducting live performances on a regular basis.
Promote music on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

There’s absolutely no doubt that social networking sites have been a game changer in the way people interact and spend their leisure time. In all likelihood, you have presence on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other social media platforms, and so does everyone else.
Since you already have presence on social media, why don’t you promote your music on the platforms?

Print media

Singers and songwriters can promote their music through print media channels like newspapers and magazines. Although print media channels have been in existence long before your grandparents were born, they are still very effective in music promotion.
If you are a music producer, you can let people know about your record label by adveristing in magazines and newspapers.

Electronic media

Music promotion is something that can effectively be done through radio and television stations. A day cannot pass without listening to your favorite radio station or watching TV. As a budding music producer, electronic media outlets can help promote your record label.
Internet radio stations can help you reach out to thousands of people at little or absolutely no cost when starting out


The list of platforms where music producers, singers and songwriters can promote music cannot be complete without including YouTube. The importance of YouTube regarding music promotion cannot be overemphasized.
There are numerous platforms where fans can stream music in real time, but none of them can be compared to it. In other words, YouTube is a giant. Therefore, if you’d like to reach out to millions of potential fans, YouTube is one of the platforms that you should consider.